Eclipseum — Trail of Bits Security Audit Overview

Issue #1: Fee Incorrectly Applied

Issue #2: Economics Divergence on Soft Sell ECL Allows User to Drain Funds

Simulation 1 Values
Simulation 1 Chart
Simulation 2 Values
Simulation 2 Chart

Issue #3: Code Quality Recommendations

Issue #4: Economics Uncertainty

Simulation 3 Values
Simulation 3 Chart
Simulation 4 Values
Simulation 4 Chart
  1. ECL tokens are burned from the ECL liquidity pool in each Sell ECL transaction, which dampens price decreases, whereas the standard CPAMM liquidity pool does not burn tokens.
  2. The ECL liquidity pool maintains an ECL Liquidity Ratio greater than 1/6, which provides more liquidity to ECL sellers, and results in less price decrease when tokens are sold.
  3. The ECL liquidity pool also offers the Soft Sell ECL function as an alternative for ECL sellers. It can be seen in Figure 8 when ECL sellers transition from using the Sell ECL function to using the Soft Sell ECL function, this is the point in the chart where the ECL Price in ETH stops decreasing.





The official blog of the Eclipseum cryptocurrency.

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The official blog of the Eclipseum cryptocurrency.

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