Eclipseum — 11/23/2020 Update: 88% of Circulating Supply Locked for One Year

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Today (11/23/2020) I locked my 12,584,955 ECL tokens and all current Uniswap LP tokens for the ECL pool in for one year. As of the time of writing, the Uniswap pool contains 19.55 ETH and 1,143,942 ECL.

Eclipseum lockup Overview on Team.Finance

When ECL is bought from the Eclipseum contract, the elastic supply system mints new ECL tokens into the ECL pool. This allows the ECL circulating supply and total supply to increase in relation to the ECL market cap and ECL price. So as Eclipseum grows, the ECL circulating supply increases, and the ECL tokens I hold will represent a smaller percentage of the total circulating supply. The table below projects rough ECL circulating supply estimates based on the ECL Market Cap. This table assumes an ETH price of $500 USD.

ECL Circulating Supply by Market Cap Estimates

I hope this token and liquidity lockup brings confidence to the Eclipseum community. I encourage you to check out the ECL lockup overview here, and if you haven’t already, join us on Discord or Telegram.



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